The Dalles Photographer | Weeks 30 & 31 of Project 365

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With our move last week, my Project 365 was the last thing on my mind.  Now that we are somewhat settled, I played a little catch-up and decided to post last week and this week together.  

204/365.  Gemma's cousins got a new kitten and he is just the cutest!  Funny story, the person they got him from told them he was a girl, so his name is Lola!  They were shocked when I told them he was a boy, so Lola will probably be getting a new name.  Haha!

205/365.  A bathroom project has exposed the lath and plaster at my parent's house.  It is such a pain to deal with, but still a fascinating look into the past.

206/365.  We went to my niece's 8th birthday party and after a few hours, Gemma finally got on the slip 'n slide!

207/365.  My day job sometimes consists of climbing bins.  I'm deathly afraid of heights, so my assistant (Dad,) does it for me.

208/365.  On Tuesday, we officially moved out of our apartment and into my parent's house.  This walnut tree out front was supposed to be cut down last fall because a large chunk of it was killed in the freeze of 2014.  It is still standing, so we get to enjoy it's beautiful foliage for another summer.

209/365.  Exploring textures in my parent's yard.

210/365.  Playing with the sprinklers.

211/365.  Abstract trees.

212/365.  Last November, my photography club had a night photography field trip.  It was so much fun, but so cold!  I knew I wanted to try again so I headed out on Saturday.  It was so much fun, but the wind was knocking my tripod around so I didn't get any tack sharp images.  I'll be heading out again soon, though!

213/365.  I just LOVE backlighting!

214/365.  Found a horsefly in Gateway.

215/365.  The wind kept the wasps in the nest, which gave me the perfect opportunity to photograph them without getting stung!

216/365.  It was hot, so a stop at the river in Arlington was in order.  Gemma loved being able to walk out into the water!

217/365.  Made it back out for more Milky Way pictures.  I didn't catch any meteors, but the photography club is going out next Thursday so hopefully we'll get some!


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