The Dalles Photographer | Week 12 of Project 365

March 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

078/365.  Our girl celebrated 2 1/2 years on Friday.  We snapped a few pictures at the park because I love to do more formal pictures at least every six months.  It's so much fun to watch her grow!  She is looking like such a little lady these days!

079/365.  I love this tree in our courtyard that is green all year long.  The little white flowers are beautiful!

080/365.  Expect a lot of flower pictures in the next few weeks because I just love spring flowers!  I take pictures of this magnolia tree every year because it is SO gorgeous!

081/365.  I've been slacking on my goal of minimalist living lately because I've been traveling so much for work.  But I got back to it this week with one of the best projects yet.  I have a very extensive DVD collection and it takes up SO. MUCH. SPACE.  I bought these plastic sleeves on Amazon after seeing them on Pinterest.  Look at the difference!!  I'm not sure why I was so stubbornly hanging on to the plastic cases.  I have so many DVD's that I ended up having to order some more!  If you have a lot of DVD's, I highly recommend minimizing them!

082/365.  I've been wanting to do a DNA test for a LONG time.  My maternal grandmother was the daughter of German immigrants, so I know I'm a quarter German.  My paternal grandfather has Scottish ancestry, but I'm not sure how much.  My maternal grandfather was Scottish, Irish, English and Dutch.  My paternal grandmother was adopted, and we don't know her history.  I'm so excited to get the results back.  Maybe I'll discover something really cool about my heritage!

083/365.  She loves playing outside.  I can't wait until we have a real yard for her.

084/365.  We have more daffodils blooming.  I can't wait for the lilacs, dogwood, and tulips!


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