The Dalles Photographer | Week 8 of Project 365

February 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

050/365.  I am in a constant battle with myself to make healthy choices when it comes to my food.  It's all about balance, so after this yummy salad, I had a few Girl Scout cookies.

051/365.  Another winter/spring sunset, because they are the best.

052/365.  Gemma is addicted to the Toy Story movies.  And I'm so excited to see her enjoy something that made me so happy as a kid.  It is so special to share a love for the same thing.

053/365.  More windmills.  I could watch them all day.

054/365. Mommy and mini footprints.

055/365.  My little love representing her future school.

056/365.  Cellphone selfie because we had a rough day.  It's hard being a toddler with a limited vocabulary, but it is also hard to be a mom to a toddler who can't properly express herself.  We made it through and the minute dad walked through the door, it was a relief.  Tomorrow is another day and I hope it will be a better one.


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