The Dalles Photographer | Weeks 48, 49 & 50 of Project 365

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330/365.  The day after Thanksgiving, I headed up to Goldendale for a session with my best friend's kiddos and their cousins.  It was so much fun, and we finally got a picture of Kenleigh sitting still!

331/365.  Every year, my mom tries to hang Christmas lights on the porch.  Most years, she just doesn't have the time.  So this year, she purchased the Star Shower and we LOVE it!  It took 15 seconds to install, and our house is covered in lights!

332/365.  She loves swinging, but she's still too scared to ride the big kid swings by herself.  

333/365.  We made a visit out to the barn to see the horses.  This baby was a little wary but so sweet.

334/365.  I was trying to play with panning while Gemma jumped on her bed.  She had fun, and I got some really fun memories!

335/365.  She wanted a little nibble!

336/365.  Playing with daddy.  And the Elsa dress is her favorite right now, so I had to buy a back-up.

337/365.  I've been spending some time documenting little details in my parents' house.  I love the original push-button light switches.

338/365.  Well hello there!

339/365.  Fun fact: Before my parents bought our house, my babysitter used to live there.  Our spare room was their son's room, and we've never done anything to it.  So his wallpaper is still hanging on the wall, with this adorable print.

340/365.  Alice is the only cat that will willingly pose for me, hence all the photos of her.

341/365.  I am loving the snow!  A lot of people hate it, but it just isn't winter for me until there is snow.  I am so happy that it looks like we'll have a white Christmas this year!  It will be Gemma's first time having snow on Christmas, and I'm so excited to share it with her!

342/365.  Another house detail!  The bathroom on the main level has a doorbell outside of it.  It has never worked, and we have always been curious as to it's purpose.  Was it to call the servants?  Was it to see if anyone was in the bathroom?  We've had lots of fun guessing!

343/365.  I love the soft snow falling in the background of this one.

344/365.  Snow day!

345/365.  Snowy nights are my FAVORITE!  The world is so peaceful when snow falls at night.

346/365.  Looking serious at the Christmas tree lot!  But she was really having lots of fun picking a tree out!

347/365.  Our last work trip of the year took us to Bandon one last time.  We got lucky at the elk viewing area!  

348/365.  Every other time we've come to Bandon has been during daylight.  I never knew the North Bend sign lit up!

349/365.  I love playing with Christmas lights!  We have the lights on our tree, but no ornaments yet, and I am perfectly okay with that!  Christmas lights are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.

350/365.  For the first time in years, we put up our Christmas village on the mantle.  Gemma loves it, and I have absolutely loved experiencing the holidays through her eyes.  Everything is so special and exciting to her, which has made the whole family have a new appreciation for the holiday season!


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