Macnab Photography: Blog en-us (C) 2017 MACNAB PHOTOGRAPHY (Macnab Photography) Sat, 04 Nov 2017 17:22:00 GMT Sat, 04 Nov 2017 17:22:00 GMT Macnab Photography: Blog 80 120 The Dalles Photographer | The S Family I had such a wonderful afternoon with the beautiful S family.  At their Session Premiere, Natasha told me they hadn't had professional photos since their wedding!  I was so glad to be able to capture their lovely little family on a beautiful fall day.  Even the dogs cooperated for one shot!  And sweet little Cora was such a perfect little model.  I may have gone overboard with their Premiere photos because she was so darn cute in every shot!

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 52 of Project 365 My final week!  I can't believe I've finally reached the end of my project.  It felt like the longest, and also the shortest year yet.  This year had some incredible highs, and some devastating lows, but I feel like I'm leaving 2016 a stronger person.  I am so looking forward to what 2017 has in store for me!

358/365.  Christmas cookies!  Can you tell which one is Gemma's? ;)

359/365.  Our girl spent most of Christmas Eve fighting off her fourth day of a pretty nasty fever.  She even put herself to sleep on the couch, which has NEVER happened before.  

360/365.  Thankfully, she felt better by Christmas and had a wonderful day.  Gabby and Poppy gave her her very own digital camera, and she documented her day well.  I'll post some of her photos soon!

361/365.  This is three.  Half-naked, snot dripping, hair that hasn't been brushed in a few days.  I love that I have so many simple portraits of her from this year.  It is a wonderful to way to see how much she has grown over the past 365 days.

362/365.  We stopped to pet the horses again.  She was a little wary, but knew just what to do to get a fabulous portrait!

363/365.  She got to make bracelets with her cousins.

364/365.  I could not stop laughing at Gemma while she was cutting this play dough!  She had her mouth open like that the whole time!  It reminded me of women when we are putting mascara on.  

365/365.  A stunning sunset to end the year, with Mt. Adams peeking in.

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 51 of Project 365 351/365.  Our house always builds huge icicles.

352/365.  I was trying to capture the gorgeous sparkling snow, but it just didn't translate in the picture.

353/365.  My favorite ornament this year!

354/365.  The yummiest cookies ever from my best friend!  Thanks Christina!

355/365.  We spent Tuesday at Columbia Manufactured Homes finally ordering our house!  We are so excited to see our finished home and can't wait to move in early next year.

356/365.  Beautiful winter sunset.

357/365.  I've only done one self-portrait through this entire year because I always feel weird taking them.  I have no problem with selfies, but self-portraits are a completely different thing.  Since my project is almost over, I thought I should take one more.  I love using Christmas lights as lighting!

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The Dalles Photographer | Weeks 48, 49 & 50 of Project 365 330/365.  The day after Thanksgiving, I headed up to Goldendale for a session with my best friend's kiddos and their cousins.  It was so much fun, and we finally got a picture of Kenleigh sitting still!

331/365.  Every year, my mom tries to hang Christmas lights on the porch.  Most years, she just doesn't have the time.  So this year, she purchased the Star Shower and we LOVE it!  It took 15 seconds to install, and our house is covered in lights!

332/365.  She loves swinging, but she's still too scared to ride the big kid swings by herself.  

333/365.  We made a visit out to the barn to see the horses.  This baby was a little wary but so sweet.

334/365.  I was trying to play with panning while Gemma jumped on her bed.  She had fun, and I got some really fun memories!

335/365.  She wanted a little nibble!

336/365.  Playing with daddy.  And the Elsa dress is her favorite right now, so I had to buy a back-up.

337/365.  I've been spending some time documenting little details in my parents' house.  I love the original push-button light switches.

338/365.  Well hello there!

339/365.  Fun fact: Before my parents bought our house, my babysitter used to live there.  Our spare room was their son's room, and we've never done anything to it.  So his wallpaper is still hanging on the wall, with this adorable print.

340/365.  Alice is the only cat that will willingly pose for me, hence all the photos of her.

341/365.  I am loving the snow!  A lot of people hate it, but it just isn't winter for me until there is snow.  I am so happy that it looks like we'll have a white Christmas this year!  It will be Gemma's first time having snow on Christmas, and I'm so excited to share it with her!

342/365.  Another house detail!  The bathroom on the main level has a doorbell outside of it.  It has never worked, and we have always been curious as to it's purpose.  Was it to call the servants?  Was it to see if anyone was in the bathroom?  We've had lots of fun guessing!

343/365.  I love the soft snow falling in the background of this one.

344/365.  Snow day!

345/365.  Snowy nights are my FAVORITE!  The world is so peaceful when snow falls at night.

346/365.  Looking serious at the Christmas tree lot!  But she was really having lots of fun picking a tree out!

347/365.  Our last work trip of the year took us to Bandon one last time.  We got lucky at the elk viewing area!  

348/365.  Every other time we've come to Bandon has been during daylight.  I never knew the North Bend sign lit up!

349/365.  I love playing with Christmas lights!  We have the lights on our tree, but no ornaments yet, and I am perfectly okay with that!  Christmas lights are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.

350/365.  For the first time in years, we put up our Christmas village on the mantle.  Gemma loves it, and I have absolutely loved experiencing the holidays through her eyes.  Everything is so special and exciting to her, which has made the whole family have a new appreciation for the holiday season!

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 47 of Project 365 323/365.  Fall leaves.

324/365.  Tree bark study.

325/365.  Sun flares.  I love this wind chime at my parent's house.  My mom bought it in Port Townsend, WA when we were visiting family and the sound of it makes me think of the beach.  

326/365.  Alice, aka "Mama Cat."  We have noticed something interesting with our cats.  Whenever we lose a cat, one of the remaining ones takes on their personality a little bit.  When our boys disappeared a few years ago, the girls all became more cuddly.  When Sophie disappeared, Alice became the lovey one and is so gentle with Gemma.

327/365.  The dew drops have been beautiful on the grass lately.

328/365.  Chunky Charley.  Charley is our buddha cat.  She is also Alice's daughter.  I am always trying to figure out how tiny Alice had such a monster baby!

329/365.  Peanut butter pie, my favorite!  We had a very low-key Thanksgiving this year.  Thanksgiving was always my grandma's holiday, and now that she's gone we just don't have the heart to do much anymore.  The last two years, we have had pizza at my parent's house.  It's ended up being the perfect new tradition for our family.

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 46 of Project 365 316/365.  Watching the Veteran's Day Parade.

317/365.  Saturday was the Sherman County Photography Club field trip.  We started at the Emigrant Springs cemetery.  

318/365.  A beautiful autumn sunset.

319/365.  Beautiful Upper Klamath Lake.

320/365.  Birch tree bark is so fascinating.  

321/365.  We happened upon a small herd of deer in the lake.

322/365.  Spotted two herons in the lake as well, but they spooked pretty quickly like the deer.

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The Dalles Photographer | Veteran's Day Parade 2016 Gemma and I attended the Veteran's Day Parade in The Dalles for the third year in a row.  We always enjoy watching it and honoring our veterans.  

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 45 of Project 365 309/365.  Last Friday was gorgeous, so a walk on the waterfront was in order.  We took some time to throw rocks in the river afterwards.

310/365.  Someone can't hang.

311/365.  On Sunday, I had a much-needed bestie date.

312/365.  I've really been obsessed lately with taking pictures of her sleeping.  

313/365.  The sky was beautiful on Tuesday.

314/365.  These beautiful orange leaves really popped next to the bright red berries.

315/365.  A beautiful country sunset.

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 44 of Project 365 302/365.  More beautiful fall colors!

303/365.  I loved this view of the lower falls at Multnomah.

304/365.  My beautiful niece celebrated her 2nd birthday on Sunday.

305/365.  Our black walnut logs are starting to sprout.

306/365.  I took this exact same picture in this exact same spot back in May.  It is so cool to see the changes!

307/365.  The sunrises have been amazing lately.

308/365.  We played in the leaves at the park since we don't have any crunchy leaves at our house.

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 43 of Project 365 I usually don't want to admit when I've skipped a day.  I'm a perfectionist, and it makes me feel like I've failed my project.  And I really have no excuses for this week, I just didn't have my camera out everyday.  But the beauty of this project is that I can be flexible.  There have been days where I've taken way more than one picture that I feel like sharing, so that gives me extra images for days that I skip.  So four of this week's photos come from the same day.  And I'm learning to be okay with that.

295/365.  I loved the look of the wood on this outbuilding at Camp 18.  

296/365.  I loved the details of this elopement!  

297/365.  The fall leaves have been absolutely stunning this year.

298/365.  I always photograph the water wheel at Camp 18, but when I was there this time, someone had placed this rock at the base of it.  It caught my attention more than the water wheel, and I just had to share!

299/365.  I loved this old wooden bridge at Camp 18.

300/365.  The sunset from our hotel room in Klamath Falls.  This was shot through a dirty window, which I normally never do, but if you look closely you can see why.  It was raining and cold, but I just loved the way the sun was shining through the bushes.

301/365.  On Friday, we spent a foggy morning in Northern California for work.  The farmer had this beautiful old truck on his property and I was so in love with it!

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 42 of Project 365 288/365.  Found this guy on our front steps!

289/365.  Watching the storm roll in.

290/365.  We saw lots of crab shells in Seaside!

291/365.  We didn't have the greatest weather at the coast, but we still enjoyed the beach as much as we could.

292/365.  We had to stop at Camp 18 on the way home for some of their amazing cinnamon rolls, and I can never stop there without getting my camera out.  I explored down by the creek and found some beautiful fall colors.

293/365.  More beautiful fall colors, this time in central Oregon!

294/365.  It feels weird to still be seeing bugs!

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The Dalles Photographer | Packer Orchards Farm Place The weather was absolutely perfect this week for a family trip to the pumpkin patch!  I grew up going to Rasmussen Farms and was so sad to hear that it had closed.  I was looking forward to taking Gemma there, so I couldn't contain my joy at seeing that Packer Orchards had purchased it!  

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 41 of Project 365 281/365.  My little pumpkin!

282/365.  Alice loves all of the walnut wood in the yard.  She thinks it is her personal jungle gym.

283/365.  More fallen leaves.  I can't get enough of them.

284/365.  Running with daddy!

285/365.  On Tuesday, we visited the new/old pumpkin patch in Hood River.  Gemma led the way through the corn maze.

286/365.  Wednesday was spent taking care of a sick kiddo, so I'm sharing another photo from the pumpkin patch.

287/365.  The theme this month for the Sherman County Photo Club is "Eerie," so I did some playing today!

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 40 of Project 365 274/365.  I loved the shadows in this one.

275/365.  We attended a birthday party in Hillsboro on Saturday.  The weather was a little uncooperative, but we enjoyed the rain from under the cover.  

276/365.  Sunday the weather was back to beautiful and we celebrated with a trip to the playground.

277/365.  My old man has been having a rough week.  I'm hoping that he will come out of it, but I'm worried it may be getting close to time and I'm just not ready.

278/365.  I'm so happy to live in a place where I can see beautiful sunsets again!

279/365.  Working on somersaults!

280/365.  Fun fact about Casey:  My mom had a DNA test done on her, and the results came back as Golden Retriever, Basset Hound, and Chow Chow!  I can see the Basset Hound in her flappy lips, and her mouth does have some black spots inside from the Chow Chow.  But where do they get Golden Retriever?!

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 39 of Project 365 267/365.  We had a blast watching Sherman play South Wasco County on Friday.  Though the game was a blowout, Gemma loved being on the sidelines and it was fun to watch the boys play.  

268/365.  Charley girl has been getting so brave.  I'm still amazed every time she lets Gemma pet her.

269/365.  One of my favorites from her three-year session!

270/365.  Playing with macro at Sherman County Photo Club.

271/365.  We visited the park in Arlington again.  Gemma and I are always equally excited about the ducks!

272/365.  I was loving the roof of this shop.  Such a cool pattern!

273/365.  It's starting!  Who else is SO excited for fall colors?!

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 38 of Project 365 260/365.  Fridays are for friends!

261/365.  Saturday was so wet that I never got my camera out.  But I took a few pictures with my phone at the Color Run.  My two loves were wet but happy after the race.

262/365.  My baby girl turned 3!  She had such a great time at her party and especially loved the pinata!

263/365.  My husband and I went to a concert in Portland on Monday.  We parked right in front of this house.  They also had a food dispenser for their ducks with a duck call.  It was such a treasure in the middle of the city!

264/365.  When my grandparents lived in Newport, they spent a lot of time on the beach.  Their collection of shells, rocks, and driftwood is massive and all mine now.  My grandpa made several art pieces of collected items and this one now hangs in our stairwell.

265/365.  Only 100 days left!  Gemma and I needed to run into town for groceries and the sky was beautiful while we were at the store.

266/365.  This image is nothing special technically, but to me it is a beautiful memory.  I love to periodically take a picture of Gemma with her favorite toys of the moment.  Right now her favorites are her bunny, kitty, monkey, and turtle.

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 37 of Project 365 253/365.  The walnut tree was hit hard by the freeze in November of 2014.  While most of the wood looks like it is in great condition, a lot of it is rotted in the middle like this.

254/365.  My dad has an ongoing battle with the ivy.  He tears it out, and it keeps coming back.  I love it though, and think it is beautiful.

255/365.  What is it with cats and boxes?!

256/365.  The locust tree was rotted too.  I can't believe it hadn't fallen down!

257/365.  When we stopped at the Arlington park, we had a welcoming committee.

258/365.  The pole in the middle bugs me, but I love her expression and the action of this one.

259/365.  Found this old chair when we were measuring bins in Gilliam County.

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 36 of Project 365 246/365.  We saw this very cool barbed wire horeshoe in Cecil, OR.

247/365.  On Saturday, I attended the Wasco School Centennial Celebration.  The presentations were all wonderful, and it was such a treat to be able to tour the whole building again.  Being there brought back so many memories, but it also made me sad to see such a beautiful historic building not being used for it's intended purpose anymore.  If the school in Wasco was still open, I wouldn't hesitate to send Gemma to school there.  

If you weren't able to make it and have some ideas for making the building self-sustaining, please send them to:

Save the Wasco School Building                                                                                                                                                                         C/O Wasco City Hall                                                                                                                                                                                           Wasco, OR 97065

248/365.  Our future soccer star!

249/365.  We took advantage of our day off and had a family hike at the Mosier Twin Tunnels.

250/365.  She makes this face a lot.

251/365.  We visited an onion farm in Brooks on Wednesday.  They were just getting harvest started with these old tractors.  

252/365.  We finally got our old walnut tree cut down.  This is the bottom of the stump.  Two rings!  It was so cool to see this because the tree had split into two trunks.

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 35 of Project 365 239/365.  I have a soft spot for the sheep at the fair since that is the animal I showed for five years when I was a kid.  Being a huge animal lover, I convinced myself that they were being sold to beautiful breeding farms where they would live long and happy lives.  I still like to think that!

240/365.  Gemma was absolutely in love with this bunny!

241/365.  I FINALLY got a Milky Way photo that I am in LOVE with!  I was definitely in need of a wide-angle lens, so the 24mm that I rented for the fair was perfect!

242/365.  I swear our neighbors are going to think that Gemma is naked all the time because she is obsessed with being a "naked baby" this summer!

243/365.  Found this beautiful boy in a farmer's shop.

244/365.  This beautiful girl has finally let me pet her now that I live in the same house as her.  I'm pretty sure I hadn't touched her since I moved out three years ago.  

245/365.  The sky had some beautiful cotton candy clouds tonight.

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The Dalles Photographer | Week 34 of Project 365 232/365.  Make a wish!  Wishing on dandelions was not something I did as a kid, but I fully intend to encourage the practice with Gemma!

233/365.  Part of the charm of living in a small town!  The intersection by my parent's house never had stop signs when I was growing up.  Then about five years ago, the city installed some.  Then one of them fell over.  And it has been sitting in the same spot for at least two years.  

234/365.  The carport had some beautiful light filtering in the other day.

235/365.  I rented a wide-angle lens for the fair, so I decided to use it to take some architectural images around town.  I love this one of the old general store!

236/365.  I love that you can see the outline from where a staircase used to be on the back of this building.

237/365.  Fun at the park with Daddy!

238/365.  I had the pleasure of taking the market pictures at the Sherman County Fair again this year. 

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